Even though there is no legal recognition regarding Bitcoin in any country of the world including India, El Salvador has become the first country in the world that has given legal status to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Meaning people here can now use Bitcoin for normal transactions, purchases and transactions.

Bitcoin gets legal recognition

In El-Salvador’s parliament, bitcoin was approved by a vote of 84 to 62. President Nayib Bukele gave this information by tweeting. Just before voting in Parliament, Bukele tweeted about the move, saying the move will bring about financial inclusion, investment, tourism, innovation, and economic growth for our…

Bitcoin’s Recent Boom Hasn’t Dispelled Doubts of Its Insecurity
Its top price has seen a drop of up to 50% so far, but there has also been a 10% jump which shows that it is a risky investment.

Prices fell 10% on Monday

The return of bitcoin this year has been nothing special but non-existent.
It was priced at $31,947 on Monday and had a market cap of $598 billion. It was trading at $36,993 at 9 am today.

Bull Markets Can Be Happy

However, the bull market may be happy with this bounce. JPMorgan Chase & Co has asked…

Freelancing is the only way that lets you earn while having comfort from your couch, But it's not that easy as it seems. Freelancing is just another type of job which lets you create your own rules of working, select your own time for work.

To start freelancing you must acquire a skill to serve your potential customers. For eg. Graphic designing, Digital Marketing, UI/UX design, accounting, etc.

There are numerous freelancing jobs in the market but most of them require a great time of experience to get a decent client, which is the reason freelancing becomes difficult for students…

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Generally, you have heard about the two-factor authentication method to secure your online account but you can also use the physical key to securely access your account.

You just have to insert the physical key into your device and your account will be opened. Let’s check how this works.

The two-factor authentication method is a recognized way to access online accounts securely as in this method if someone tries to access your account without your permission it will need OTP also along with a username and password to access the account which makes it difficult to hack your account.


Once anyone gets to know about the Digital Marketing field the very first question that arises is “What is SEO?” So here is the complete guide to It which lets you know from the root to the top of Search engine optimization.

SEO is the short term abbreviated for “Search engine optimization.” This means the process of increasing site rank on search engines for a particular search query. The better ranking your site has on the search engine the more likely you get the traffic and prospects or your loyal customers.

How does SEO work?

what is seo

Search engines like Google, Yahoo…

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